Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Stress.... order a "Happy Bee" Sandwich

I woke up at 6:04 this lovely Sunday morning thanks to my personal alarm clock.... my mind! Who freakin' wakes up that early on a Sunday?! 

Last night before I went to sleep I started thinking about all the things that I needed to accomplish today. Clean my room, do laundry, finish my math homework, go to the store, study for two tests, oh and stalk blogs ;) Once I started listing everything out I became extremely stressed, so I pretty much told my mind that I better wake up early in the morning because my list of things to do is extremely long! I hate when I do that, because when I said I wanted to wake up early I did not mean 6 A.M.... But, once I was up and my mind started going there was no way I was falling back asleep. I immediately jumped out of bed, and started crossing things off my list! 

If I could change one thing about myself, I would change how easily I get stressed. Have you ever sat and complained about everything you had to do, or said there was absolutely not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything? I do this all the time, and in reality if I used the time, that I sat and wasted complaining about everything, to actually start what needed to be done I probably would of finished it. But, that's easier said than done. Sometimes I just can't sacrifice my facebook time, snack time. or blog time with something productive.... You know what I'm talking about... we have all done it! I just feel like those are activities that keep me sane! 

Anyways, point is I really have to start working on this stress issue. Tonight Matt asked me, "So what do you have to do tonight," and I think I screamed back to him and started listing out everything.... Lesson learned: Do not list everything out... it only makes matters worst! Seriously though, being stressed does not solve anything!! -- I am telling myself this right now too!


Matt and I went to our favorite local restaurant again! This time they made the "Happy Bee Sandwich" on the correct bread! It was delicious as always, but lets be honest how could a peanut butter, honey, banana, and cinnamon sandwich be anything but delicious!
P.S I now know why my pictures stink compared to all you other blogger's pictures.... 
1. My camera is ancient
2. Matt gets extremely embarrassed when I pull my camera out and start taking pictures of my food! I tried to tell him that no one was watching, but he insisted that I only take one. 

She ran an amazing time, and even negative splitted :0
I am so proud of her! Now time for a marathon....

Question of the Day: Do you stress out a lot when it comes to school or work? How do you handle your stress?

Question #2: Do y'all get emails when I comment back to you? I really don't like having my comments like this, but the other way kept messing up! 


  1. I get stressed SO easily too! It's a bad habit I need to break!

  2. I get stressed all the time Tara! Its horrible. I hate it! I handle my stress by just getting tasks done. I just have to stop and breathe and get it done!

    I don't get emails when you comment back... But idk that i have it set up to do that.

  3. And that sandwich always looks SO GOOD. I want one

  4. Totally agree being stressed doesn't solve anything! Now if I could actually remember that...that would be oh so lovely! So answer is yes I also stress a lot! And sometimes it's over the most dumbest things ever! How do I handle it? Not well ha! As stressful as lists are I do love them bc I will be way more stressed if I don't have a plan! The happy bee looks yummy like always! The cinnamon they add definitely makes it sound awesome! ;-) haha oh matt! Mitch actually likes taking pics of food thank goodness... ESP when it's his own masterpieces ha! Woo hoo for mommy kicking butt! She did awesome!! She so can handle a full marathon next! I wonder why that old way kept messing up so badly! Bc I agree it was better! I don't get emails but I don't think I have it set up right!

  5. @ Dana: ha yah I wish there was another way to get rid it of it other than just doing everything!! Come to college station and you can get one :)

    @Brooke: Well Matt just gets embarrassed in restaurants... I am like they dont even know us haha.

    I am gonna try to find another thing for comments!!

  6. When I got your text at 6:00--I was like what the heck? And yes...overly stressed and balance have a lot in common--just had to say it! HAHA Not that I have it figured out for sure!!! And thanks for the congrats--I am trying to keep up with my stud daughters! Love ya!

  7. All of these comment about being stressed. I have the answer.
    Get it done or do like I do just forget it. It will work it's way out end the end.

  8. @ Mommy: I know I even told you the night before that I would probably sleep in ha. I hear ya on the balance... i'm working on it!! Love ya too

    @ Papa: I wish I could just forget about studying, but then I would just fail!! hah


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