Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am sorry there is no blog today.... I am studying!!!!
I promise I will be back tomorrow, I just don't wanna fail my tests tomorrow :/

I am looking forward to the weekend, how about you?

I am going to dinner with Matt, getting some dessert (undecided on what type), and catching up on all the T.V shows that I missed during the week.


P.S My sister, Brooke, who has been in Doha, Qatar since August will be back in America on May 7th! I am beyond excited. Get ready for some exciting blogs when she gets home, because we are gonna be doing some crazyyy fun things!!! AHHHH

Questions of the Day: 

What are your weekend plans? 

What should I get for dessert tomorrow?


  1. Good Luck on your tests today! Woo hoo party in the USA!! Can't wait!!! I am beyond excited too!! 36 more days until we are reunited and get to do all the awesome stuff on our list! I say you should get a great American cookie big bite doozie... But I know u too well and u won't... U will go get fro yo no matter what we all tell you! :-) Our weekend plans are to watch the final four... Even though UNC is out... :-( We also will hit up a dessert place most likely... Bc that's what us Upshaw girls do best! :-)

  2. @ Brooke: Thank you!!! I can't wait for our party, but haha you do know me so well!! As of now I am so getting yogurtland... I will wait for you for cookie! It does sound good though, but I also know Matt wont want to go to mall!


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