Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dogs: A girl's worst enemy

Today while I was running I thought to myself... Hmmm I wonder what I should write my blog about today, and it couldn't of been more than a minute later when I started coming up on a man walking a beautiful German Shepherd. He must of heard me breathing, because he looked back and immediately yanked the dog's leash and not walked, but sprinted off the side walk. When he did that I thought... he didn't need to do that, I could of just ran around him. Well, it didn't take long for me to realize why he sprinted off the side walk... When I ran, by the pretty German Shepherd turned into a huge vicious lion. It jumped into the air, and tried to yank the leash out of the guys hand. Lucky for me the guy was pretty huge himself, so he pulled the lion back when it was in mid air. I swear I saw a flash of my obituary in the newspaper... it said something like 20 YEAR OLD RUNNER GETS EATEN BY A GERMAN SHEPHERD. Not to mention my heart felt like it was about to explode out of my body, because it was beating so fast.... I definitely got a good "workout" in this afternoon.

Just in case you didn't already know.... I am deathly afraid of dogs! I have had a handful of things happen in my life that contributed to my fear of dogs.
1. When I was little my family had this killer dog that bit people, and one time it pushed me into a ditch... with snakes!!
2. One time this lady was walking her dog with one of those retractable leashes. Well her dog started running towards me, and the leash nearly cut my circulation off.
3. One time I was riding my bike in my neighborhood... Minding my own business, and a Golden Retriever came out of no where and bit my leg! The owner called my house 30 minutes later telling me not to worry the dog had got its shots recently..... (Oh phew feel free to bite me again then....??)
4. I always have dogs coming up to me when I run. They like to make circles around me, and bark until I pee in my pants..... (I don't really pee in my pants, I promise)
5. My own dog pushed me into a flower bed when I was like five. (See picture below.)

I have had people say to me, Oh you wouldn't be afraid of my poodle... It is so cute and small. My answer to them is... Yes you're right, I wouldn't be afraid. But, I would hate your annoying little yapping dog that licks peoples legs.  I like to call those kind of dogs, kick me dogs. So, yah don't invite me over if you have a little dog.... Just Kidding! I won't kick your dog I promise. But seriously, don't try to feed me any food because your dogs hair is probably in it! 

So, as you can see I am more of a cat person! BTW Mommy, I know you are reading this. Is Shelby (my cat) still alive?? ......

Okay, you caught me I really don't like animals at all....


I was trying to get every last bit of peanut butter out of the jar, so I had to use my fingers.... 

Question of the Day: Do you try to get every last bit of peanut butter out of the jar, or do you just throw it away? If you do, how do you manage to get it all out? 
I was having a tough time with a knife, but my fingers sure worked some magic ;)

Are you a dog person or cat person?


  1. YES! JUSTIN'S! Make sure you try the chocolate PB. SO. GOOD.

  2. If I recall correctly your quite the pbj maker, but you should know I like crunchy pb and grape jelly!!! Haha afterall you were my designated pbj maker at cedars!! - chales

  3. I have never eaten enough peanut butter to finish the jar... but i am so sure i would scrape it clean! Just got those packets of the dark chocolate peanut butter.. I CAN'T WAIT!

    As for dogs or cats... I am totally a cat person.. but lily peed on my bed last week so we are currently not speaking

  4. @ Matt: I love Justin's chocolate pb.... it is probably one of my favorites!

    @ Chaley: I still to this day don't know why I volunteered to make you a sandwich everyday! I do know that I lived off pb&js at Ceders... that food was gross! Except tomato soup night :)

    @ Dana: OMG... you must be joking! You have never finished a jar? I need to teach you my ways hah. Oh no sorry to hear about your bed.... another reason why animals are not good!

  5. Hahaha that pic never fails to make me burst out laughing! I had it on my old phone but I need to put it on my new one for when I need a good laugh! I definitely like to eat every last bit of PB or AB from the jar! Fingers are the best way to accomplish that! I like dogs and cats. But I guess I like more dogs and just my cat haha.

  6. This is a good blog for me. Well I usually have two jars of pb going in the pantry, So I but the old one in front and the new one in back. So PaPa eats the one in front that is old and I eat the one in back that he does`t know is open so when it gets half empty I let him have the back one and I throw the old one away and get me a new one so I never really empty a jar. And about animals I only like outside pets. I have a cat that we like but it stays outside. Inside animals get hair all over and always likes the people visiting more than the owners so they jump all over you.

  7. So weird that u wrote about dogs on your run... bc mitch and I ran yesterday at aspire and right when we were about to start there were two big dogs just running around with no owner and it was hilarious bc one of the security guards was trying to scare them away. He wasn't doing a very good job it was funny to watch. But why it was so weird is the fact that we even saw dogs... This was only our second time to see a dog since we have been here! You definitely have had your fair share of traumatic dog events ha. And I have been with ya for most of them... I love how u always hide behind me like I actually am gonna be able to save us ha. BEST PIC EVER haha! Poor shelbs... Mommy was talking about killing her yesterday haha. I def scrape my almond butters clean with my fingers! Can't be wasting that precious stuff ha! Def a dog person!! I want a dog that will run with me! oh u should of tried to make oiaj that everyone talks about with your empty pb!

  8. @ Kirsten: I am glad I can give ya a good laugh... feel free to take a picture and set me as your background hah jk!!

    @ Granny: hahah Do you really do that?! You know peanut butter lasts a while! Granny you crack me up, poor papa ;)

    @ Brooke: Thank goodness there were no dogs when I was there!! Yah remember running in North Carolina? I would hide behind you and cry... praying they would go away ha. WHAT?! Mommy better not kill shelbs, she is going to out live all of us! I thought about making that, but I don't have any real oatmeal!!

  9. I love peanut butter but I dont eat it enough to get to the bottom of the jar! The never ending diet that I'm on won't allow it!!! But I do scrape my Jenny Craig cheese cake container clean with the side of my fork. And I have licked any remaining chocolate icing off the wrapper oh the double chocolate cake! Yum! Once again, now I'm hungry after reading your blog!

    As for animals!!!! I'm a dog lover!!!! If I could have unlimited dogs, I would but I'm a good dog owner....I put my dogs up when people come over. I like cats just because they are an animal. BUT I hate them too! I hate all the nasty hair, nasty habits, and them rubbing up on you! And you people that say the cat doesnt get on the counters when y'all aren't around need to have your heads check!!! The cat is laughing his ass off when you say that. And how gross is it to have an animal that basically STANDS inside their toilet and covers it up with their feet up on your counters were you prepare food????? So yeah....I hate cats!

  10. Now you all know how Granny treats me. She not only does that with pb also with milk and everything else I can think of. I guess she doesn't know that I know the fresh one is always in the back. Sometimes I switch them and trick her haha. No really I always eat the old stuff
    bc I know Granny will throw it out if I don't and that bring me back to the pb, you got it, you think I would wast any of it of course the only way to get that last little bit out is to use your finger.

  11. Ok I should have read it before I sent it again "WAST" I will point it out before you see it. That's the only I see is there anything else?

  12. Tara.... I think its that i may have a fear of peanut butter! it is so freaking good that i always want it... but i think for a while the amount of fat in it scared me... although now i'm learning that it is good and healthy fat and has good protein and im finding more great ways to eat it... i'm even eating it right now! I'm eating the justins honey peanut butter from the little packet and putting it on my apple :)

  13. @ Aunt Gina: haha your comment was cracking me up... Jenny Craig is crazy if she doesn't believe in peanut butter!! You have a good point about cats..... I think that is why I hate all pets! They are just so dirty. Always stepping in their poop and spitting there food up ewww.

    @ Papa: hahahaha Papa you should so do that! She would never know which one was old. I really do feel sorry for you... people in my family make me eat all the old stuff too!

    @ Dana: That is very understandable. I went through a time when I thought the same thing, but now I think I could live off of pb hah. Good choice with the Justins honey pb... that sounds yummy!!

  14. I love dogs!! I have an obsession with my two pups ;) I'm so glad you enjoyed my guest post today :) I'm happy Carrie let me write a guest post because now I've discovered so many more amazing blogs like yours to follow in the future :)

  15. @ Sara: haha Whoops... please come back and visit my blog again even though I hate dogs! I will definitely check your blog out too... I love finding new ones as well :)


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