Friday, April 1, 2011

I have a warrant out for my arrest.....

I studied sooo hard for nothing!
My tests were impossible, I don't know what was up with me today.... Even my guessing skills were off :/ When I finish a test I always immediately pull out my notes, and try to find the answers to the questions that I wasn't sure about. I usually end up finding some that I actually got right, but this time I missed every single one of the questions that I was unsure of Grrrr.... 

I am trying to have a positive attitude, and say God will take care of it. I know I tried my best which is all I can ask for, but it is hard to have a positive attitude when I know I missed a lot of questions, so unless some little fairy flies in my professors office and changes the answer key in my favor then I'm screwed!

I plugged in the worst possible test grades that I could have gotten into my calculator for hours trying to calculate what my overall grade would be! After feeling like my head was about to spin off my neck, I decided that I would not let silly tests ruin my Friday night!

So, Enough of the negative test talk.....

I ended up having a fabulous Friday night!

Matt and I went to our restaurant... Pei Wei. Then we got some froyo from Yogurtland! I think I could live off of frozen yogurt. I am dying to enter a contest where you see who can eat the most yogurt at one time... I totally think I could win! With my sister coming in a close second ;)

I got my usual. Devils food cupcake batter, red velvet, and peanut butter with brownies and reese's and cookie dough. They were out of cookie dough :0 After I had a minor heart attack I decided to just scoop out more reese's to make up for the lost topping. It was delicious as always.

After I had my dessert fix I caught up on all the shows that I had missed this past week. I must say Parenthood and Survivor are still my two favorites. Survivor was so intense this week... I definitely screamed at the screen once or twice.

Anyways my Friday night was a success! I hope yours was too. Oh and I almost forgot.... HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!

I April fooled my mom sooo good tonight. I don't think I have tricked anyone in years, but today I came up with the perfect one for my mom. I called her and told her that I got a letter in the mail saying I had a warrant out for my arrest! She totally bought it, because you see I had to mail in a paper to court from when I got my ticket 180 days ago, and it was supposed to be mailed in last weekend! I had her write the date on her calender and everything months ago to remind me to mail it, but she forgot. Of course someone like me (someone who never goes anywhere without her agenda) remembered to mail it right when I woke up the morning it was supposed to be mailed, but my mom didn't know that muahaha. She totally started freaking out and getting mad at me when I told her, so instead of saying it's not my fault you forgot to remind me, I caved in and told her APRIL FOOLS!! It was definitely a good trick though.... I am soo clever ;)

Question of the Day: Did you trick anyone today? If not what is the craziest April Fool's joke you have ever heard of?


  1. Didn't trick anyone today... but our RA lamely tied yarn around our door handles in our hall to connect them all...

    Now i want fro yo :/

  2. I'm sure you did better on the tests than u think! Psh... U wish...I would so kick your butt! I can't wait to try the devil food cupcake batter! Ha nice work on the April fools joke On mommy... She should of known her most organized daughter would of never forgot to turn in something important... Now if Hales was to forget that's a whole different story ha! No jokes were played over here...Mitch tried a few times... It didn't work though... I'm a smarty! :-)

  3. @ Dana: haha that would of been funny if she tied the two across from each other, but then again not really bc the other one wouldn't actually open! So your right.. lame! We can get fro yo when Brooke gets home!! Come to the airport to get her, and I am sure we will be going that night!!!

    @ Brooke: I knew you would disagree with me! I wish you could of heard mommy.. She was like uh I don't even know what you do. She was about to have me head to the court house it was hilarious!!

  4. ah dont worry on the tests!! to be honest.. thats the story of my life!!i ALWAYS get the ones i am unsure of wrong..!!!! i did a silly trick on my blog but other than that i was a good girl :D

  5. Lol man I should have done that to my mommy!! Lol except I actually have had warrants out for my arrest due to traffic violations. Oh boy. When o saw the title f your blog I freakin way!!... I bet you can guess who this is.

  6. @ Movesnmunchies: It stinks being a bad guesser doesn't it?! hah Btw I totally fell for your blog trick!!

    @Chaley: Am I right?!? haha. I don't know anyone else who has had warrants out for their arrest, so it's gotta be you ;)

  7. Sorry about the test :( I hate when that happens!

    At least you got some good Chinese good ;)

  8. @ Matt: Yes.. pei wei makes everything better! :)


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