Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best Friends

      I would say I have a handful of people that I call my "best" friends, but there is one person in particular who takes the meaning of a best friend to a whole new level. That person is Matt Ross.
      I remember the first night I met him I knew instantly I wanted to get to know him better. I thought he was hilarious and for sure the cutest guy I had ever seen. Of course I thought he was way out of my league, but there was no harm in trying right? ha Matt and I have now known each other for five years, and as cheesy as it may sound he is definitely one of the best gifts I have ever been given.
     Matt knows me better than anyone in the world, besides my mom probably. I think one of the first things my mom said to Matt after we started dating was, "Good Luck." hah It did not take him long to figure out what she meant... I'll be honest I can be a little demanding and quite a handful at times. My mom was used to me, but I don't think she ever thought I would find someone to put up with me. The crazy thing is Matt is really good with me. I needed someone that would put me in my place, but at the same time let me think I was the one in charge.
    One of my favorite things about Matt is that he is always there to make laugh or help me out when I am having a bad day. His newest thing is to have dinner on the table everyday when I get out of class. I have to admit I am becoming a bit spoiled. He cooks all of my favorites from salmon, to nachos, to pumpkin pancakes. He is quite the chef! Everyone makes fun of us because we have a weekly dinner schedule... I think they are just jealous ;)
     It is really crazy how alike we are. We can both be major home bodies some days, but then we also love to go and hang out with our friends on other days. I always say that one of us needs to be a little more social, but really I love the way we are. Some of my favorite memories are when Matt and I are just goofing around at home. Sometimes I wish people could see some of the things he does, he is seriously one of the funniest people you will ever meet.
     Anyways as you can see Matt is pretty amazing! I could go on and on about him, but I won't bore y'all. I just had to have a post about my Best Friend. I am so lucky to have him, and I definitely couldn't make it through the day without him. Everyday is a new adventure with him, and I love how I can be my nerdy self around him. Best Friends seriously make life a whole lot easier and way more fun! :)

I love you matty! :)


  1. Awhhhhh...You both are lucky!!

  2. This is awesome!!! It's great to be with your best friend and someone that makes you laugh! Laughter is a key ingredient to happiness! I'm glad he makes you this happy!


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