Thursday, November 18, 2010


     A few days ago my coach came to practice and told us all to tell our loved ones how much we love them. His mom just recently passed away, and he told us that was one thing he never said enough. I think this is one thing we all take advantage of, and we do not really know how important it is until that person is not in our life anymore.
     I want to share my view of death, and maybe it can help everyone who has lost a loved one. "Death" is really just a word to me, I try not to look at it as a terrible thing. It is simply another stage of one's life. First you are born, then you learn how to talk, you go to school, college, get married, have kids, and then go to this magical place where you can look down on all the people's life's that you touched. To me that is what life is all about. We are all here to help each other, and each and every day we try to leave a positive impression on at least one person's life.
      Life is not supposed to be hard or a terrible thing. You are supposed to live your life to the fullest and its supposed to be fun. This can be hard to do at times. I think we all have had those days where we were either stressed or thought that every bad thing that could possibly happen all happened on one day. When that happens you just have to step back and find one positive about the day, this will turn the day around in an instant.
       I noticed lately in my life that there is no point in having a bad day. When I am stressed and angry, nothing ever good happens. But, when my life is filled with happiness and love, I find that good things happen to me when I least expect them. That being said, this is still something I am definitely working on. You do not just wake up one morning and decide to be Ms. Positive ha. But, its a work in progress. In the back of my mind I just tell myself, what's the point in getting stressed? It only makes the day worse, and it just makes the smallest things seem like huge traumatic problems.
     Anyways, the point of this is to remind every one of you that you never want to waste a day. Live you life to the fullest, and try to avoid stress and anger as much as possible. Also, tell the people that you love how much you love them. It sounds so simple, but those three little words can mean the world to someone.

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  1. I love you!!! From your sister's mother-in-law!!


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