Saturday, November 13, 2010

Embrace the Good :)

       I definitely learned a life lesson today... When things are going your way you have to embrace the day because good times come and go when you least expect them. I had a pretty exciting thing happen today, but I owe it all to my awesome teammates, family, and friends. Without them I would seriously be lost and never make it through the day.
     We competed in the Regional cross country meet this morning in Waco. Both teams finished in 5th place, and each one of us will have memories of this day forever. My coach used to say, "Whether the outcome was good or bad, I promise you that you will only remember the positive things about this day and not what place or time you ran." This is a great way to look at it because at the end of the day it honestly does not matter what place or time you got, it just comes down to whether it was fun or not.
      I think the thing that people sometimes forget about cross country is that it is so much of a team sport. During the race you recall all the hard work, miles, and pain that happened during the whole season, and every one of those things happened next to a teammate. There is never a point in the race where you feel like you are running alone, you know you have your teammates all around you to back you up if you need it or pick you up and carry you along.
     Throughout my running career I have definitely had some ups and downs. To be honest lately I was thinking there was no such thing as an up. But, today I realized that is what this sport is all about. If every race was easy we would probably get bored with it, or stop working hard. Sometimes it takes a couple bad races to bring a couple of good, and then the cycle will start all over again, but that is what keeps us on our toes. I know one of my teammates in particular did not have her best race, but she has no idea how much she contributed to mine! Sometime I hope to return the favor to her, because that is truly what this sport is all about.
      So, I really wanted to just thank everyone that has been by my side through my running career, y'all are amazing! Also I really don't believe in "signs", but I must say I am taking this day as a "sign" that my decision to run track was a great one! Not just because of running reasons, but there truly is nothing better than having a huge support system, and I got to have all of them with me today at the race! Except for my biggest fan, Brooke and a few others of course. But, Brooke all I have to say is I think I finally lived up to the "Brooke Upshaw's little sister" standard!! :) love ya and miss ya

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  1. Embrace the good for sure!!!!You are getting so insightful Missy! Mommy


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