Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Rules

Well, obviously I switched blog sites... I think this one will be better for what I am doing. You can now leave comments under each post!! :) That being said, please leave comments and let me know what ya think! Don't be a stalker... ha. In my little fantasy world tons of people are reading this and anxiously awaiting my next post... (that was a joke). But seriously this really is kinda fun, so I hope at least someone is enjoying it as much as me! Chances are if you are reading it you will probably have your own entry at some point.... yes haley you should be concerned I am coming after you so hold on to your hair!! hah


  1. I am enjoying it as much as you! Thanks for switching blogs... this one is much better! I guess I should write my name at the end just in case u don't recognize my comments even though most likely u prob do!

  2. Oh i should of read this first but perfect!! keep signing your name hah


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