Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little Sisters always cheat!

Today when I was in the shower I told myself that I needed to come up with something to blog about before I could get out. So, after my hands turned to raisins I finally decided I am thinking entirely to hard about this. If I blog everyday some posts are probably going to be a bit boring, but I promise majority of them will make ya laugh, cry, think, or all the above so stick with me here.
I hope Haley still has a good grip on her hair, because she is up ready or not! For those of you who don't know, Haley is my younger sister. I have a totally different relationship with her than I do with my older sister, Brooke. However both of my sisters are my best friends, even though they are as different as night and day.
I don't know if Haley knows it or not, but even though she is younger than me I look up to her in a weird way. Yes, she is one of the prettiest girls in the world, athletic, smart, and I wish I was her a lot of times, but oddly enough it is not any of those qualities that make her special to me. She has this laid back personality, and a totally different way of living her life than I did when I was her age. As you all know I am a pretty follow by the rules, never late, schedule kinda person, and sometimes I wonder what a day would be like in Haley's shoes. I think she has a sense of adventure and her love of trying new things will get her far in life, those are the things that I look up to.
If I could predict where Haley would be in ten years, I would tell you she is going to be the next "Brooke Davis". If you don't watch One Tree Hill, Brooke Davis has her own clothes line, and her life is filled with drama and definitely laughter! Haley looks like a million bucks everyday at school. How do I know this you ask? Well she used to send me pictures of her outfits everyday.... now she is just slacking on the job. But seriously I will never forget what she said to me one day, "You are really gonna wear that?' and I looked at her and said "Yes Haley we are going to walmart it does not matter." hah this is how serious Haley is about her fashion! She even goes as far as wearing fake hair... sorry Haley I had to say something mean.
Anyways Haley really is great, and I have some great memories with her when we were little from playing baby dolls, pretending she was a doll, reading her christmas stories, and bringing her gingerbread men. I love her to death, and for anyone that hasn't met her you are definitely missing out!

-- Cinnamon Roll

P.S I am trying to make my titles go with "The Game of Life" but this was just perfect for Haley because she used to cheat at every game possible.... Little did she know she was not very sneaky!!


  1. Don't forget about locking her in the closet and telling her you weren't Tara and you were going to murder her!

  2. You couldn't have explained hales anymore perfectly! i can't wait until she becomes the next Brooke Davis! And marries someone as cute as julian! ;-) HA Mitch totally put what i was gonna say... but wasn't it kidnap her?!? Oh Hales has been through a lot because of our torturing her...well mainly just you torturing her... I'm the nice one! what would I do without Hales doing my eyes and hair for me? LOVE AND MISS YA HALES!

  3. Yall need to sign your name please... i thought these were both brooke! hah but I think i said kidnap? i cant even remember all i know is it was an awesome game ;) if she marries someone cuter than julian, im stealing him!!!

  4. tara this is awesome! who knew you were so talented..?! appearently not me! haha only kidding. but really this is super good. im impressed. i loved all of it. this is cool and totally something you would do. but i like it, there pretty fun to read. just dont make them to long. keep in mind this is the girl who doesnt like to read. but this is really good and cant wait to keep reading more. love and miss you LOTS!!!

    and brooke LOVE AND MISS YOU LOTS as well!!

    <3 HALES...obvi

  5. oh and also as i was ready this is remninded me of how lucas scott used to always end one tree hills tpying whatever he was doing! which hes also pretty talented. so you are up there with him too :)

    <3 hales again

  6. oh and hehe sorry, one more thing! i got a paper to write thats due tomorrow, want to write it for me?! :) you seem to be quite the writer nowadyas!

    <3 hales...last one promise

  7. why thank you haley!! :) I was actually thinking that same thing... i mean lucas is pretty cool so i guess thats a compliment! But im sorry i dont do papers, i only write about my favorite sisters and my lovely life hah sry charlie! i miss you too!!

  8. You are dead on about Haley--we all wish we were her! You three girls are amazing! You all have your individual strengths for sure! Mommy


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