Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ice Cream!

Enter an ice cream eating contest! This is another thing on my bucket list. I absolutely love ice cream... and it is for sure one of my favorite foods so why not enter a contest. It is probably a bad thing that I can't even count on two hands the amount of times that I have ate half a gallon of ice cream in one night. That being said I think I could totally win :)
I have some great memories that come to mind when I think of ice cream:

1. When I was in high school every monday I would go to Outback and Braum's with my dad! We joked that the guy that worked there was my boyfriend because he knew me very well, too well... it was creepy ha. However he never gave me free ice cream.... :(

2. Matt always knows that when I am mad there is always a quick fix... get me ice cream! Sometimes I am really just pretending, but he doesn't know... shhh

3. A lot of my Friday nights consisted of going to some kind of ice cream place, usually Braum's, with my Granny! I can always count on her to cater to my dessert needs :)

4. When I was little I remember my dad having a bowl of ice cream a lot at night, so naturally I picked up on his habits and we would smother it with Hershey's chocolate syrup! (thanks a lot daddy now I am addicted haha)

5. When I go to an ice cream place with Mitch I can almost guarantee every time he will get the grossest and weirdest looking flavor there. I think he likes to pretend he is five or maybe he just feels bad for the other flavors??

6. After every race I run I almost always get ice cream-- for one it is the only thing that ever sounds good and two I think it may be one of the main reasons I run... I like to chant in my head ice cream, ice cream, ice cream (Don't worry I am joking.. kinda)

7. My papa on my mom's side used to always make my mom chocolate milkshakes every night, and I mean EVERY night when she lived at home. When we came along he started making them for us too, maybe he contributed to this addiction too?? hah He was the best milkshake maker in the world!

8. Well I will have a number 8 in a little over a month when I go to Qatar! They have the world's biggest Dairy Queen, do you know how cool that is to an ice cream lover?? Lets just say I can't wait to get the world's biggest Chocolate Extreme blizzard there, I hope they do that!

Anyways, as you can see I love ice cream. I have many more memories than this, but you get the point! Thanks to everyone who has shared some ice cream with me :) I can't wait to make more memories, and enter that contest some day.....

These are from my "prom" at Dairy Queen. I was running at the State track meet the day of prom, so I celebrated Prom with my favorite people at Dairy Queen after the meet instead!


  1. I hate to break it to ya but I don't think the worlds largest DQ serves the world largest chocolate xtreme blizzard! But perhaps if I chew them out and give them the death stare like I did the bk dude they will change their mind! U also can visit a baskin Robbins, tcby, and coldstone while you are here! You forgot the cowboys football icecream as a memory... You were obsessed with that stuff! I miss papas milkshakes... He really did know how to make the best! -Brooke

  2. I think this post is worthy of my first comment! I have been keeping up with ya on your blog and I am a big fan but ice cream is one of our big connections so I think this is my time! I mean we HAVE sat in DQ for 5 1/2 hours chatting it up and chowing on our blizzards! Hahaha only you tary! But I am a big fan of the blog and I am proud of you for doing it! And in honor of this post I am going to braums when I go home today!!! :-)

  3. tara for this post you are a freak, please see a ice cream addiction conselor. this is wronnngggg

    ruvvvvv chales

  4. Papa knew his milkshakes for sure! That made his day to continue the tradition with you girls! Mommy


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