Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Am I going the right way?

I think having this blog is making me think about a lot of things, and wonder how does anyone know if the choices that they make each day are actually the right ones or the best ones. What exactly is considered right anyways? Doing something you absolutely do not want to do, but you know deep inside it’s the “right” thing to do or doing only the things you want to do. I guess the second option is considered a selfish decision in many peoples eyes.

Let me let you in on a little secret, selfish is a word I am very familiar with. In my family that is like the worst name you can be called, so lets just say it was not a good thing I heard the word selfish directed at me so many times hah. I think I always thought things would turn out better for everyone if everyone just did what they wanted to do all the time. To me it made perfect sense, if everyone just made themselves happy then our world would be one happy place…. WRONG! Coming to college has made me realize relationships and friends are what get you through the hard times, it is impossible to make it through the day without the help from anyone. A support system is key to making it through this “Game of Life”.

I remember my first week at college, and let me tell ya it was rough! I think on my daily phone calls to my mom I did more crying than talking. I think I took advantage of exactly how much my mom did for me when I lived at home, so when I got to college there was entirely to much to do and it became very stressful. There was no more walking in the door after school and having my mom’s delicious meals sitting on the table for me at 5 o’clock sharp ha. I also quickly figured out that clothes just don’t magically get clean…. jk but my first load of laundry that I ever did alone was at college.. so you get the point I was lost without my mommy! But it wasn’t just the cooking, cleaning, and running errands part that I missed, I missed having her with me everyday.

My mom is one of the most amazing people you will every meet, she always puts others before herself and I think that is why she drilled the selfish thing into my head so much. They always say, “mothers know best!”. I think that is one of the most accurate sayings ever. In my eyes my mom is the smartest person in the world, even though she might not necessarily know the “right way” or “right choice” she always tells me what she thinks is right.

So, I think I found my answer, no one knows what the “right” way is. What’s important is to do things for others, but at the same time enjoy what your doing. Living a life filled of sadness and anger is not good for anyone. I think if you go to sleep happy every night and thankful for something then you chose the “right way”.

This post is a bit random, but I just have been wondering lately if I am doing the right thing and how I know if my life is headed in the right direction. I think this is something many of us wonder everyday, but we all just have to know that the real answer is there is no WRONG way. So, I am challenging myself to throw away the nickname “Selfish” hah, and start thinking W.W.M.D (what would mommy do)… If i do this I know for sure I will always choose the right path!

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  1. W.W.M.D.--Hug you right now! Thanks for listening sometimes! Parenting is easy with daughters like you three...well, most days! Love ya tons! Mommy


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