Friday, April 8, 2011

Yogurtland Friday...

It's that day of the week again.... Yogurtland Friday!
 I think this may be one of my favorite tradition's yet ; )
 I know it looks like I just recycle the same picture week after week, but I promise I don't! I just can't stray away from my usual creation. I think I get more toppings than yogurt, but my theory is that since it's yogurt I need to make it equal to the fat content of regular ice cream, so I pile on the toppings. Hey, it's my theory and I'm sticking to it... 

Yes, Yogurtland... You rule. 

Now, let me let you in on a little secret of mine.... Ice cream makes everything better! When I am in a bad mood, ice cream always cheers me up. Just for the record, I am not in a bad mood... I mean hello it's Friday! How could anyone be in a bad mood? But, I'm telling ya my closest friends and family know that to get me in a good mood all they have to do is get me some ice cream. I may regret saying this, but if you ever want to bribe me... I suggest you start with bringing me some ice cream. So, if your having a bad day or just can't think of anything better to do... GO GET ICE CREAM!

I also wanted to ask y'all a question...
Today I did yoga, which I usually do every Friday.... but today it was extra boringgg! I don't know why, but I am just not a yoga person. When they say to relax and turn off my mind, I do the complete opposite! Today I even walked over to my desk and wrote two things in my agenda that I needed to do this weekend (I wish I was joking, but I am not). I also tend to do all the moves as quickly as possible, and fast forward all of the sitting down stretching parts.... I am pretty sure I am missing the whole point of yoga, but for some reason just going through the motions at record speed still makes me feel like I accomplished something. I mean I did put a YOGA dvd into my T.V, and I did do some weird looking things on my yoga mat.... So, I must have accomplished something right?
Oh yah, so my question to you is....
How do you make yoga not boring?? Also, do you believe it is important to incorporate yoga into your weekly workout schedule?

Have a good weekend everybody :)


  1. My answer is it's impossible to make Yoga not boring ha! I think it prob should be incorporated bc everyone always says how good it is for ya... But they have yet to convince me to make it part of my routine! They also always say exercise should be fun... Welp yoga is far from fun so I don't plan on doing it anytime soon!

  2. I heard yoga is great for runners and you should to it once a week. I usually go to yoga class every Saturday at 24 hour fitness. Except the last two weeks we've had a sub, and the sub is very boring. I hope my usual instructor is back tomorrow!

  3. Oh ya, they say it cleanses out all your toxins like in your liver from all the twisting moves you do. My husband doesn't buy it, but I like to think it does!

  4. @ Brooke: Haha I agree... it is far from fun!!

    @ Lauren: Yah I hear it is good for runner, because we are so not flexible! I should try to take a yoga class, b/c doing it on my own is just way to boring!!

  5. We went had Braums Friday last night!!! And he did so so so good on my shake I was very happy! I took the yoga classes at the rec for awhile and I enjoyed those much more than when I would do it on my own. If yoga is too boring you might want to try pilates! It is a little faster moving and you usually break a sweat but I still felt like I got a good stretch out of that. It is more like active stretching haha! But I mean I probably get a good stretch out of anything ;-)

  6. @ Kirsten: I am actually going to be taking pilates next semester for my kine. class!! So maybe I will like that more :)

  7. Yoga, Ha, not important not fun. Never done it never will. Ice cream, important and fun. Thats for me.

  8. @ Papa: hahah I'm with you heck with the yoga give me icecream!

  9. I've never done yoga! I totally need to give it a shot.

    I do eat fro yo though ;)

  10. AHHH GORGEOUS GIRL!!! I want to join you for Yogurtland Friday's!!! We would have so much fun together. I get bored with Yoga if I am doing it on any other day than a rest day ha. My mind will NOT shut down and I feel like I could be doing a million other things instead of yoga. Hope you had an amazing weekend!!

  11. I could really go for that ice cream bowl right about now! It looks so good!!

    As for yoga, the way I don't keep it boring is to make it challenging. I prefer power yoga over hatha anyday for that reason exactly. Also, teaching it keeps it from being boring but as for taking lessons, keeping it active helps.


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