Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time for some relaxin'

I am done with tests until finals week. What will I do with all my free time now?!

I am sure I will find something.... Today I ran for a whole hour. It is amazing what you consider a long run, after running zero to barely any miles for 10 whole weeks! All I gotta say is, if you are a runner..... never stop running! Getting back into shape is hard work. I am finally feeling relaxed on my runs again, and it is a wonderful feeling :) Today, I jammed out to my Ipod and managed to tan my red body. Or maybe I just made it worse? Oh well... point is I had a fabulous run.

Tonight I made Nachos for myself, and now I am watching some good ole' T.V. I can't imagine a more perfect Thursday night...... Okay, I really can think of million's of things that would be more fun, but I am just happy that I don't have to study! 

It is almost Friday people.... Get excited! 


I just heard this song today, and I loved it! I have been in the country music kinda mood lately :)

Question of the Day: What has been your favorite song lately?


  1. I hope your tests went well! You will be back in shape in no time ;)

  2. My favorite song has been Katy Perry's "ET" :)

  3. @ Matt: Thank you.. I hope your right!

    @ Lisa: I like that song too, it comes on the radio all the time though!!

  4. Yay for hour run that's awesome!! Weird I just saw someone who had this song as their fb status yesterday! It is pretty good... For a country song ha. I dont really get to hear much music here ESP since Mac broke... But I heard that ET song the other day on the radio and I liked it too! Can't wait to run with ya when I get home! Promise to go slow for me tho! :-)

  5. @ Brooke: It is a very popular song, I had it on repeat last night lol. I can't wait to run with you either!!!! You are speedyyy....


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