Sunday, November 28, 2010

I know I am HOME when......

1. I am greeted by signs hanging on the wall that say "Gead your home" and "Welcome house"??.. Haley had some trouble, but usually these signs are awesome!

2. An aroma of my mommy's banana bread fills the entire house

3. There is poop camouflaged on the rug in the hallway... (This is Miles's way of saying Welcome Home)

4. There is fake hair scattered on the bathroom counter

5. I spend all day shopping with granny

6. I watch all my weekly shows at midnight with my mom, and five minutes into them we are both fast asleep

7. I get my reeses mix in from Braums with my dad

8. I get caught by the fashion police and have to change my clothes

9. I hear the same song playing over and over throughout the entire house

10. I am ordered to go outside and pick up every leaf... which is impossible!

11. There is a dance off in the middle of the living room

12. I eat entirely too much delicious food

13. My clothes that I wore a hour ago appear in my room folded and washed

14. I can run with my eyes closed, because I have memorized my favorite loop

15. I constantly have a smile on my face

16. I actually sleep in because trundie is the best bed ever

17. There is never a dull moment, and I am constantly doing something

18. I am always two steps behind my mom

19. Brooke laughs at everything I say.... Oh wait this one never happened!!! I missed you Brooke, home wasn't the same without you!

There truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! I can't wait to be home again in 17 days :)


  1. No Place Like Home is very true! Also Home Is Where the Heart Is!! Luv ya! Mommy

  2. 1. Ha what the heck happened to hales signs?!? U need me and mitch on sign duty we are the best!
    2. Yum gotta love the smell of banana bread! Prob wasn't the same though... Mitch wasn't there to say how this loaf ranked compared to the rest! And u didn't get to witness his butter frosting!
    3. Oh Miley... Some things never change!
    4. Ha u mean it's not hanging on the towel rack anymore?
    5. It's not true granny time without some shopping! And u got some cute things yay!
    6. All the shows are going on break now... It's quite sad!
    7. Hopefully it was a good one with lots of reeses!!
    8. U mean she made ya dress up to go to wal Mart again? And didn't let u rock the cinnamon roll hair?
    9. Which song was it this time? Not gonna lie kinda sad I missed out on the new song played over and over!
    10. If u were a pro like me it wouldn't be impossible! ;-)
    11. Gotta love some beyonce! Sad I missed witnessing this one!
    12. But it's oh so good!!! Sorry u had to do it alone!
    13. Come on now tara u are suppose to help the mother out and still do your own laundry... ESP if u want to be guaranteed that it will still fit!
    14. Oh the loop... Oh how I do not miss thee!
    15. And that's a good thing... Bc I love your smile!!
    16. Trundie!!! Did the room still smell of a dead rat?
    17. U mean constantly demanding people to do something/ asking what the plan is a million ba zillion times!
    18. Attatched at the hip... I'm sure she wouldn't want it any other way!
    19. No worries I'm still a laughing I just wasn't at the house for u to see me do so! U did a great job at constantly keeping me entertained over break though with ur texts and comments and what not!! Missed u too though!

    Def no place like home... ESP when it's our awesome fun and crazy home!! Miss u guys!! I can't wait to come home to our welcome home signs... We expect the best of the best! :-)


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