Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I decided I am also going to post some things that are on my “bucket list”. Maybe if my ideas are out for the public to see, it will motivate me to actually follow through with all of them! So here is the first in no particular order… I want to be on Survivor! I have wanted to do this since I was like 10, and now I am finally old enough! I mean I got my first survivor buff for Christmas years ago, its about time I get a real one. I know what your thinking “she seriously has a survivor buff”, the answer is yes! I am not ashamed of my love for survivor ha. I also want to prove to people that I can do it, I think my personality is perfect for the game. The only downfall is I don’t think they have any peanut butter or ice cream out there…. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Do it Tara!!!! Sign up for it!!!! You would be great at this! I'm totally serious!!!! I challenge YOU to go check out the web-site and see what you need to do to be a contestant!!!! NOW...


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