Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back on TRACK!

Break 5 minutes for the mile: This is another thing on my bucket list. Sounds pretty simple huh? Well apparently not since I have been right at 5:00-5:03 since my sophomore year in high school! I bet your thinking, "How are you going to do this if you quit track?" Well I have news for everyone...... I officially decided today that I AM running track!
I think the time that I took off last year got me "back on track". I absolutely love running, and I think when I was off the team as much as I hate to admit it, I really did miss things! The feeling you get after doing a hard workout with your team is indescribable. Your team begins to become your family, and something about going through pain together makes everyone extremely close. When you run with people everyday for a hour you find yourself talking about every single detail of your life. Katherine "my person" has heard me spill my heart out one to many times to leave her running on those boring dirt roads alone.
Speaking of Katherine, I know later in life I will be thanking her for kinda talking me into running again. I know I would miss my roommate, running statue, oatmeal patty stories, and spilling our life's to each other every morning at 6 AM. So, thank you in advance Dude ha, I will be telling you again when you are my flower girl in my wedding ;)
Anyways, I am excited for track season. To be honest I can not wait to run on a flat surface with no hills!! I hope maybe this will be the season where I break that 5 minute barrier. I would not feel like a true runner if I never accomplished this goal of mine. 

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  1. Back On Track--clever!!! I am so proud of you and soooo excited! Love ya to the moon and back! Mommy


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