Friday, April 8, 2011

Yogurtland Friday...

It's that day of the week again.... Yogurtland Friday!
 I think this may be one of my favorite tradition's yet ; )
 I know it looks like I just recycle the same picture week after week, but I promise I don't! I just can't stray away from my usual creation. I think I get more toppings than yogurt, but my theory is that since it's yogurt I need to make it equal to the fat content of regular ice cream, so I pile on the toppings. Hey, it's my theory and I'm sticking to it... 

Yes, Yogurtland... You rule. 

Now, let me let you in on a little secret of mine.... Ice cream makes everything better! When I am in a bad mood, ice cream always cheers me up. Just for the record, I am not in a bad mood... I mean hello it's Friday! How could anyone be in a bad mood? But, I'm telling ya my closest friends and family know that to get me in a good mood all they have to do is get me some ice cream. I may regret saying this, but if you ever want to bribe me... I suggest you start with bringing me some ice cream. So, if your having a bad day or just can't think of anything better to do... GO GET ICE CREAM!

I also wanted to ask y'all a question...
Today I did yoga, which I usually do every Friday.... but today it was extra boringgg! I don't know why, but I am just not a yoga person. When they say to relax and turn off my mind, I do the complete opposite! Today I even walked over to my desk and wrote two things in my agenda that I needed to do this weekend (I wish I was joking, but I am not). I also tend to do all the moves as quickly as possible, and fast forward all of the sitting down stretching parts.... I am pretty sure I am missing the whole point of yoga, but for some reason just going through the motions at record speed still makes me feel like I accomplished something. I mean I did put a YOGA dvd into my T.V, and I did do some weird looking things on my yoga mat.... So, I must have accomplished something right?
Oh yah, so my question to you is....
How do you make yoga not boring?? Also, do you believe it is important to incorporate yoga into your weekly workout schedule?

Have a good weekend everybody :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time for some relaxin'

I am done with tests until finals week. What will I do with all my free time now?!

I am sure I will find something.... Today I ran for a whole hour. It is amazing what you consider a long run, after running zero to barely any miles for 10 whole weeks! All I gotta say is, if you are a runner..... never stop running! Getting back into shape is hard work. I am finally feeling relaxed on my runs again, and it is a wonderful feeling :) Today, I jammed out to my Ipod and managed to tan my red body. Or maybe I just made it worse? Oh well... point is I had a fabulous run.

Tonight I made Nachos for myself, and now I am watching some good ole' T.V. I can't imagine a more perfect Thursday night...... Okay, I really can think of million's of things that would be more fun, but I am just happy that I don't have to study! 

It is almost Friday people.... Get excited! 


I just heard this song today, and I loved it! I have been in the country music kinda mood lately :)

Question of the Day: What has been your favorite song lately?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lobster body & raccoon eyes= not attractive!


I have a math test tomorrow, but it's my last one until finals woohooo

p.s I look like a freakin' lobster right now! Laying out for three hours with no sun screen is not smart people... take my word for it ;)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dairy products hate me!

Last night I had a bowl of cereal with regular skim milk, no chocolate soy crap like last time, and it tasted disgusting... again! The milk was sour and smelled terrible, but the date said it was good for another six days!! Me being the dumb person that I am ate half the bowl of cereal, until I finally decided it was okay to waste sour milk. (F.Y.I I hate wasting things). I just didn't understand why it would taste so bad if it wasn't even close to being expired. Has anyone else had this problem? I think my milk sat out in this Texas heat a little to long, before it got brought into HEB! I was tempted to bring it back to the store to get my money back, but I figured they would just laugh at me.... So, I threw over half of a carton of milk away in the trash :( 

The second dairy item that failed me was my new greek yogurt!
It tasted like purple goo...
Seriously, it was not creamy at all. It looked like that stuff you have to put in your mouth when you get impressions of your teeth done before you get braces....  Oh and the worst part was, it tasted like that stuff too!!!

So, I think I am done experimenting with greek yogurt! It is so expensive, and it's not even good!

Question of the Day: Do you have a food that you try to force yourself to like, but it taste nasty?!
Mine is Greek Yogurt! I want to like it so bad because it's filled with protein, but I just can't find a kind that I like! 

** Sorry my blog has been filled with nasty things lately, but at least you are seeing what not to buy! Just Kidding.. I am sure some of you would love this stuff, but not me that's for sure!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Walk to Remember...


I was seriously pumping my arms as fast as they would go, and using all of my muscle (which is a lot okay....) on my run today, but I was moving absolutely no where! The wind was gusting like 100 m.p.h. today.... How is a little girl supposed to stay on the side walk when that happens? I also had to stop three times during my run because I got freaking dust in my contacts. Oh, and I had tangles in my hair out the wazoo. So, as you see it was a miserable run because of the dang wind. 

Moving right along... I now have to study for my math test :(
But, the good news is that this is my last test before finals. Hallelujah! 

I really want to watch my favorite movie right now, but I don't have time so I just watched a trailer for it instead.... Is that weird? hah

Here it is:

ahhh... I love A Walk to Remember! I have yet to find a movie that beats it.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite movie?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is why I never try new things!

I am proud to say that today I was actually very productive!

I cleaned.

I did laundry.

I went to Target.
I needed new headphones, because on Friday Matt totally jinxed mine! He was making fun of my 1990 headphones that I happen to LOVE, and they are also the only ones that can actually stay on my ears while I run. (Who else has the problem of those little ear buds sliding out of their ears?) Well, Friday afternoon my favorite headphones stopped working! I was so angry... so I had to part with them, and find a replacement! This was a very difficult task let me tell ya... I was opening tons of boxes and running around Target testing to see if they would stay in my ears! I finally found a pair that was on sale for $13.00! The people that watch the security cameras at Target probably thought I was an idiot, but oh well.... These bad boys better stay in my ears, or back to Target they go! 
P.S As I was running around Target they kept falling out, and then I realized those gray things tighten up to fit around your ears. It definitely took me 15 minutes to figure that out....

I went grocery shopping.
I got all of my typical weekly items plus two new things! I noticed a coupon that said if you buy Kashi cereal you get a free 64oz Silk Soy Milk FREE! So, since I was getting cereal anyways I thought why not try some soy milk? It looked delicious, but read on to hear what I think about it now...
I also got a new kind of flavored greek yogurt. I forgot to tell y'all that I officially HATE plain Fage Greek Yogurt now! I tried mixing pumpkin butter in it again, and it totally grossed me out this time. It was probably the worst combination of foods that I have ever had.
I will let ya know how the new yogurt taste after I try it.

I did my math review.
By that I mean I corrected my teacher 100  6 times. This is not a lie! She puts videos up of our review online, and she made so many mistakes! Of course being the smart aleck that I am, I emailed her three different times telling her about her mistakes. She emailed me back after the second email thanking me, and I responded back with a no problem... you also did this and this and this wrong!! She responded again saying that she was going to send out a corrected video soon, and to let her know if I find any more mistakes. I wanted to respond back and say, Oh sure, but only if I can have half of your salary or an A in the class ;) Teachers these days.... 

I went on a walk with Matt.
These thirty minute walks are one of the things that I am definitely going to miss next year. I love them! 

I made this for dinner.
 Egg sandwich! Unfortunately we had no bacon, but it turned out much better than last time! The bread actually got toasted... almost a little too toasted...

 I made this for a snack.

I hate soy milk. I tried a sip with no cereal, and thought yummy. I then tried a bite with some cereal and milk, and still thought yummy! Well after I took three more bites I thought NASTY! What was I thinking.. cereal with chocolate milk!?!? It even looks gross. I swear a fellow blogger mixed Kashi Cereal with chocolate soy milk, and I remember thinking I gotta try that. Welp folks... I tried it, and I also poured majority of it down the drain! What a let down. This is why I never experiment with foods, because now Kashi Cereal even sounds gross to me!!! :0

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite combination's of foods, and what are some of the grossest combination's of food you have ever had?

Favorite combo: PB, Banana, Honey, & Cinnamon Sandwich & Frozen yogurt with Reese's.. from Braum's!
Grossest Combo's: Greek Yogurt with Pumpkin Butter & Chocolate Soy Milk with cereal!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

M&M Therapy...

Tonight I gave a little tour of A&M to my Uncle Darin, Aunt Angie, and cousin Ty. I am for sure no tour guide Barbie, but hopefully I did a decent job and will be hearing from my  future roomy sometime in the near future! They brought me a cook book, I think that's code for saying we are tired of seeing the same three meals on your blog! Just Kidding... I can't wait to try some new recipes out!! The coolest part is that they are all 4 ingredient recipes, and they only take 10 minutes to cook..... That is my kind of cooking!

Matt and I went on a late night walk around campus. He gave me a little pep talk, and reminded me how important it is to have a positive outlook on life! I don't know why, but I have been struggling with that concept lately... I think it's called too much studying, and not enough fun!


There isn't anything that a few peanut butter M&M'S can't fix ;) Yes, they are left over from Valentine's Day.... can you believe these little pieces of heaven have lasted that long? Usually I devour a whole bag at once... Whoops!


Question of the Day: What is your favorite type of M&M? Or are you more of a Skittles fan?
Personally, I LOVE plain m&m's mixed with skittles! My mom used to buy both packs for our birthday parties back in the day, and one time I mixed the two... it was AMAZING! Don't knock it until you try it. But, my two favorite types of m&m's are still peanut and peanut butter!!
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